Discarded Heroes #1
Ronie Kendig
Barbour Publishing
Reviewed by Cindy Loven

Max Jacobs has returned from the war, a changed and broken man. The anger that builds within him from the horrors he faced has taken its toll on his marriage. He and his wife are separated and it just does not look like things will reconcile between them. He must move on, and face the fact that he is just a discarded hero, a product of the war.

Syd Jacobs loves her husband so much, she just hates that she is afraid of his explosive anger. He keeps telling her this is just the way that he is and she needs to accept that, but she cannot believe that. She remembers that she married someone totally different. What is haunting her husband, will they ever get to true cause of his anger issues?

Max is recruited to lead a secret team of other people who are considered discarded heroes. The Nightshade Team, go into dangerous situations to solve issues where the normal military cannot go. He throws himself into his work as he comes to terms with the fact that his wife has filed for separation and divorce. He leads successful missions, but will this last mission be his undoing? Somehow he has to rescue the missionary and his family, including a young girl, raped and beaten savagely by the terrorists.  Syd, has been given a new assignment at her newspaper, she is now writing human interest stories, instead of just editing. Excited to finally have a chance to write a story instead of editing one, she throws herself into her work. Unaware that she is stirring up a problem that will nearly cost her, her life, she investigates a story about a women saved by a special ops team, who now wants to thank them in person. This investigation will take her around the world, endanger her life, the life of her unborn child and will test and prove the love she has for Max. 

This story is amazing!! I sat all afternoon and read it in one sitting. It would get very intense and I would put it down, but I could not stay away from the story.  That intensity drew me back over and over until I finished the book. We have all been in places where we just don't understand what moves and motivates our loved ones and you feel the pain that Syd is facing as she feels there is nothing more to do to save her marriage. Your heart breaks as you realize that Max is only one of many many soldiers who return from the war dealing with PTSD. This book is a must read for action adventure lovers, for anyone actually. I cannot say enough about how much I loved this book. Definitely a book you do NOT want to miss this summer! 368 pages 5 stars

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