Heading Home

A Novel 
Renee` Riva
David C. Cook
Reviewed by Cindy Loven

Eight years is a long time to carry a flame for someone.  Even if you are keeping their dog for them.  But what if you are fourteen and the girl is only ten.  A.J. Degulio has always known she would return to Indian Island, her childhood friend Danny and her dog Sailor. 
However Danny is not a young teenage boy anymore, he is a six foot dream boat, and A.J. is not the only who notices.  And she doesn't like that one bit.  But after she tells Danny she thinks she may have a calling to be a nun, he is fair game for the local girls.
This novel unfolds into a scene similar to my Big Fat Greek Wedding.  Craziness rules once A. J. and Danny come to terms that they are meant to be together.  Her mother plans the perfect Christmas wedding, that is to take place in November, and does it from half a world away in Italy.  So craziness is bound to reign for sure.  Will Danny truly want to marry A. J. after he finds out the truth of how crazy her family is?  Will the wedding of the century take place?  How will the two young lovers come to terms with their religious differences?  Will they be Babtholic?
I enjoyed this novel, I laughed at the antics of two people who have lived apart for eight years, and have been close via correspondence, come to terms in person.  This book is definitely a nice afternoon read.  A great book that will appeal to several different audiences of readers.  258 pages US $14.99 4 stars

This book was provided for review purposes, no payment was received for this review.

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