David and Goliath

The Guardian Angel Chronicles

Bryan Hathaway


Wine Press Publishing


Reviewed by Cindy Loven

David Liberty had lived out his life, now his intact and sharp mind is trapped in a body that is failing him. Regrets often overwhelm him, why had he not done things in life differently. Truly he just wants to close his eyes and let death overtake him. It will be an escape from the life he is doomed to. But is God finished with David Liberty? Has David Liberty done all the good on this earth that he can do?

A wonderful story of how God always has a purpose for our lives, even when we feel there is no more reason to live. Separated into three stories, David Liberty brings help and change to the lives of many people in each story. He will help a professional baseball player on the fast track of life, rediscover what is truly important. He will lead a young woman down the path of realizing that envy will destroy her, and that love will truly give her freedom. And lastly, he will save a father's life only to watch that same father give his life to save his wife and son from a mountain lion. Three stories that have very different outcomes, but all tied together by one common thread. David Liberty.

I loved the ending of this book, I did struggle a bit getting into it, but the ending of this book had me in tears. There was also deep spiritual truths shared in these stories that you will not want to miss. A life changing story, a good read and eternal truths! I truly hope there are more Guardian Angel Chronicles to come! 271 pages, $17.99 US 5 stars.

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