Ozark Weddings

Romancing America
Anita Higman & Janice Thompson
2007, 2007, 2008
Barbour Publishing

Reviewed by Cindy Loven

Three stories in one book!  All set right here in my home state.  It is so fun to read books that have places you know and love. 
Larkspur Dreams, finds a famous local artist welcoming a new neighbor next door.  A good looking new neighbor.  The attraction is instanteous and strong, on her part and it appears on his part too.  Larkspur Wendell is an artist, painting water color illustrations for children's books.  She also oil paints too and is working up nerve for a showing.  A bit of a free spirit, she is worried that her new neighbor may be just a bit uptight and sets off on a mission to loosen him up.  Loosing her heart to him, wasn't part of the plan, but it happened.  A life full of distractions will have you giggling through the entirety of this heart warming story. 

The Love Song, introduces us to a lonely young lady who is scared of her own shadow.  Clair O'Neal has had a loveless life.  Her mother died when she was a young child and she was left to be raised by a stepfather who couldnt even look at her.  Never hugged, or loved on as a child, Clair is awkward, socially and personally. A beautiful girl, with a gorgeous singing voice.  A talent so pure, that you know it only came from God.  Will she ever face up to her fears of facing people and truly do what she loves?  Or will she plug along trying to run a bookstore that she inherited.  Will the shy and handsome Hudson Mandel bring her out of her shell?  Will the image coaching she is receiving from Glenn Yves be the answer to her shyness?  This story is an attention grabber and you will cheer on Clair as she progresses through her shyness to discover who she truly is, and perhaps even finding love along the way!

Castles in the Air, have two neighbors who are unlikely matches both looking for love.  But do they even know what love is? Nori Kelly, a candy store owner and her neighbor Zachary Martin, a bonafide member of the "geek" squad both truly want to be loved.  Only Zachary knows who he is in love with, the trouble is convincing the person to give him a look, and to notice him.  Nori, is sure her new book, How to Catch a Dreamboat will have the answers.  At least she hopes so.  A great story it wraps up the book.  This story was my favorite because the town it was set in, is very close to where I live and I recognized names and places and just enjoyed those discoveries in the story. 

348 pages US $7.99 4 stars  This book was provided for review purposes only.  No payment was given for this review. 

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