This Fine Life

Eva Marie Everson
Contemporary Fiction

Reviewed by Cindy Loven

I really liked this book, this was the first I have read from this author and I truly enjoyed the book, perhaps because I truly related to the characters.  As a pastor's wife, I just chuckled at some of the things experienced by our fictional couple. 

Mariette Puttnam, has been a spoiled little rich girl all her life, her daddy owns a prominent business in their town, she was sent away to an all girls school for high school.  Now home after graduating from high school, driving a new car her daddy gave her for graduation, she knows enough about social standing to know her parents are not going to be happy that she has a crush on the new mail clerk at her daddy's factory. 
Forcing them apart, by threatening to fire Thayne, only makes them want to see each other more, to the point they run off and get married. 
Life is not easy for the young couple and is only made harder by Thayne feeling the call to ministry and going to seminary.  Mariette looses their first baby while he is in seminary.  This story of love and life in a time a bit before our time now, will keep you reading from beginning to end.  Truly a story to share with your friends.  343 pages $14.99 4 stars

This book was provided by Revell for review purposes only.

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