A Distant Melody

Wings of Glory Book One
Sarah Sundin
Fiction/Historical Romance

Reviewed by Cindy Loven

Set in World War II Sarah Sundin's debut novel is a hit! She has brought the words to life as she has told a beautiful story of love and redemption. This book was a great book, I loved it from beginning to ending.
Walter Novack is a pilot in the service, on his last leave home before going into action he meets Allie Miller.  Allie is engaged to her father's business manager, but is not in love with him, nor is he in love with her. Walter spends a whirlwind week with Allie, never knowing that she is in engaged. He finds out when a friend mentions it, after dropping her at the train station for her trip home. Devastated by her lack of telling him, he vows to not write her, but the attraction is so strong he ends up finding her address and thus begans a wonderful friendship via mail. Both falling deeply in love with each other but neither telling the other, because of the things they think keep them apart.
With the War often wearing him down and causing him great grief as friends die in battle, Allie's letters, friendship and prayers are a life line for Walter. Will he ever be able to tell another man's fiance' that he is in love with her?
A must read book! This is book one in a series, the next book will be focused on Walter's brother Jack who is also a pilot.  Definitely cannot wait for that next book!  Sarah Sundin is a new favorite on my author list!  420 pages $14.99 US 5 stars
This book was provided by Revell for review purposes, no payment was received for this review.


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  1. Cindy - thank you so much for your lovely review! I'm so glad you enjoyed Walt & Allie's story.

  2. This sounds wonderful. I'm going to look for it at my library. I have to recommend ANOTHER book, this one set in the Great Depression and also featuring love letters -- an amazing coincidence, I think. This one is non-fiction, though -- it's "Dear Bob, Dear Betty," by Elizabeth Catherine Wright and features the love letters between her parents. And her dad is the son of Frank Lloyd Wright. They meet in 1932, at the height of the depression -- her dad's adolescence was marked by his father's public scandals about his private life and Bob is struggling to begin his private law practice in Chicago. Betty is the daughter of a Chicago artist who abandoned the family and she's working as a counselor in Milwaukee. Wonderful, sassy, poignant and witty letters -- and the author sets everything into the times and into the history. I think you'd really enjoy it.