Once in a Blue Moon

Leanna Ellis
B & H Fiction

Reviewed by Cindy Loven

Sci-fi meets conspiracy theory gone wild, NASA, the moon walk, and reporters, all abound in Once in a Blue Moon. 
Brynda Seymour is an obituary writer and a inspirational stories reporter, but she is on a personal journey.  A quest to learn more about her mother who died when Bryn was only 9.  However this journey is perhaps more than Bryn expected and can deal with.  She will face her fears of being alone, and  of being the one responsible for her mom's death. 
When an old aquaintance of her moms appears with an explanation that "they" were the ones who killed her mom Bryn grabs ahold of this, and leans on it like a life preserver.  Who are "they"? Why would they want her mom dead?  An attraction to the son of her mom's friend  will distract Brynda and have her exploring why romance has not been successful for her. 
A book that will take time to digest as you sort out the story, but a story worth reading.  Love, excitement, danger and mystery all in one book.  347 pages $14.99 US 3 and half stars

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