Deliver us from Evil

Robin Carroll
February 2010
B&H Fiction

Reviewed by Cindy Loven

Brannon Callahan is a beautiful woman, working in a man's world. Tough as the terrain she flies her rescue copter in, she is definitely not a typical rescue pilot.  A fairly new Christian, she and her partner, often quote scripture back and forth in nearly a contest to see who can stump who.

US Marshall Roark Holland, just returning to the job after a horrible injury that resulted in the death of a small child, is haunted by his dreams of the accident.  He is offended when his assignment is to escort a donor heart to a dying government witness.

The dying government witness can blow the lid off a child sex trafficking ring, and there are people who want him dead.

These two world's collide when the helicopter the US Marshall is flying in, goes down in a blizzard.  Brannon and her partner are off to the rescue, only they find themselves in grave danger as they attempt to take off, they are under fire from snipers.  Will they make it out alive, will the heart survive and make it to the patient in time?

An exciting fast paced book, with electric currents of romance through out, you will not want to put this book down.  Robin Carroll has written a book that will challenge any action adventure fan to find fault with.  A reader's guide at the end of the book, will take you through questions that will stir your heart to the plight of children sold into sex trafficking rings.  Definitely a must read book.  Releases from B&H Publishing on February 10, 2010.   356 pages $14.99 US 4 and half stars.

This Advanced Readers Copy of this book was provided by B&H Publishing for review purposes only, no cash or payment was received for this review.

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