Anything but Normal

Melody Carlson

Reviewed by Cindy Loven

Senior year!  It is supposed to be the best year of your life as a teenager right?  Well Sophie Ramsay's summer of church camp counseling has turned her senior year into a major not so good year.  How can this be happening to her?  She is the brainiac of her group of friends, on course for college with scholarships looming in the future.  A staunch pro-life supporter, a purity pledge taker and here she is pregnant.  Oh she knows how it happened, but she is so afraid to tell anyone.  And with good reason it would appear after she writes several editorials about teen pregnancy and the pregnancy center at her school.  The reactions of her friends and her friend's parents, clue Sophie in that her pregnancy will not be great news for anyone. 
How will this all be dealt with?  Sophie finds herself considering an abortion, but just cannot follow through with it, a nightmare that no teen ever dreams of dealing with.
Melody Carlson takes a matter that is a social enigma, and a Christian youth taboo, and deals with it in a manner that is Christ pleasing.  Yes none of us want to think of our teens getting pregnant, or getting someone pregnant, but Melody has written this book in a manner that shows how to handle things like this.  I think this book really shows the side of pregnancy that is truthful and doesnt glamorize it.  I enjoyed this book, and cried along with Sophie as she struggled with all her choices.  251 pages $9.99 US 5 stars

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