Dr. David Jeremiah
1996, 2006
Christian Living

Reviewed by Cindy Loven

Angels, who are they? What are they? where do they come from?  Do we all have a guardian angel?  What is all the "angelmania" about?
Angels, a reprint written by Dr. David Jeremiah, respected author and pastor, founder of Turning Point addresses all these questions in this book.  He will show what most people think and believe about angels, also sharing personal experiences from many people, who believe they have had a visitation from an angel.  He also tells us what the Bible says about angels, warning us that not only God has angels, but that the devil can be deceiving us with the use of angels too. 
Angels are real, they are created beings, we are told this in the Bible.  They are not however our lucky charms, standing around waiting to bring us good luck.  In the Bible we mostly see angels as messengers and as warriors. A angel appeared to Mary, mother of Jesus with the message of the coming of Jesus.  In the Old Testament angels often battled with the nation of Israel against the enemies.  Daniel wrote of an angel warring with the devil who was trying to prevent the angel from taking a message to Daniel.  Angels also teach us things, like how to worship, how to work, and often are seen as people are leaving this earth for heaven.  The where, when, how, and why of angels are all answered in this book. 
Dr Jeremiah, shares the truth about angels in the easy to read book.  He opens your eyes about the purposes of angels, and shows us the truth about angelmania.  A very informative book  237 pages $14.99 US 4 stars

This book is available HERE    This book was provided by Multnomah for review purposes only.

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