The Wives of King David
Book Two
Jill Eileen Smith

Abigail, the beautiful beloved daughter of Judah, is to be wed.  To Nabal, the son of Simon, the man who her father has a great debt to.  A beautiful girl, and a father who is worried about his daughter, after observing how the groom to be behaves, he tries to go to the elders to end the marriage, but he is too late and Nabal taking offense, humiliates Abigail by taking her as wife without a priestly blessing.
Hoping and praying that quiet subserviance  will change her husband, Abigail is a dutiful wife.  Nabal however doesn't change and is struck down by Adonai after reviling David and his men.
David, immediately falls in love with Abigail, and takes her as his wife, she in turn loving him deeply.  Perhaps too deeply, as she struggles being one of many wives, after David is anointed King.
A beautiful story of a young Jewish woman with a great love for Adonai, and a great love for her husband David.  Will the Lord ever open her womb to bless her with a son, a heir to the throne?
Jill Eileen Smith has given us a refreshing look of the story of Abigail and King David. Her obvious research of the historical aspects of this story, makes it truly believable and fills our minds with the possibilities that could have been part of their story.  A beautiful tale of love, devotion and God's grace, this book is a must for your reading list.  370 pages, $14.99 US 5 stars.

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