Reviews for books 6-10

Sunflower Serenade
Tricia Goyer

Reviewed by Cindy Loven

Home to Heather Creek, Sunflower Serenade, a book that will catch your heart and your interest! Bob and Charlotte, have raised their kids, and are living on the family farm in Nebraska. They now are raising their grandchildren, after their daughter Denise, died.
It is county fair week. Hopefully the biggest county fair ever! The fair board has brought in a popular Country singer to close the fair. The whole town is buzzing with excitement.
Follow this wonderful story, as Charlotte and Bob's grandchildren participate in the fair, have visitors from out of state, and learn hard life lessons.
Envy, strife and jealousy arise as a Nashville production company, chooses their farm to film a music video. Learn about faith, as Bob and Charlotte stand calm in the face of this storm.
As a fan of Tricia Goyer's non fiction writing, I was not sure how I would enjoy this book, but Tricia in indeed a gifted author, with the ability to make you feel your in the story, that you know Bob, Charlotte, their children and grandchildren.
Most definitely a book to share with friends and family, Home to Heather Creek, Sunflower Serenade, is a book that is part of a series, but it will definitely stand alone. To learn more about the Heather Creek Series go to Heather Creek 258 pages

(7) Touching Wonder Recapturing the Awe of Christmas
John Blase
David C. Cook
Non Fiction/Religion/Holidays/Christmas

Reviewed by Cindy Loven

A small, nearly pocket sized book, nothing special to distinguish it from the outside as anything spectacular, UNTIL, you open it and begin reading. John Blase, has brought us the Christmas story, told in a way I have never heard or read before.
Speaking/writing in the third person, he brings us the point of view of each of the individuals involved in the Christmas story, from Gabriel the angel, to the Shepherds in the field. From Zachariah and Elizabeth, Mary and Joseph, even the point of view of an angel singing in the angelic host.
Written with poetic beauty and simplicity, this book stirred my heart. A short simple book, a mere 122 pages long, but lovely artwork graces the pages, words of life flowed from the author. A well deserved 5 star rating. A book to be savored over and over again each year, as we prepare to celebrate the birth of our Saviour. $ 12.99 US

Y” City
Wade Rivers
The P3 Press

Reviewed by Cindy Loven

A “local” book, set in the part of Arkansas where I live, how thrilling to recognize and read a book that describes local scenery and towns. Even though this book was fiction, many of the places described in this book are real towns, real parts of the beautiful state of Arkansas.

Wade Rivers has written a book that is a captivating suspense, you put it down to think about what you have read, but quickly pick it up again to continue reading.

Harley Wright, a smart mouthed young man is in deep trouble. Trouble is all he has faced all his life since his mom died when he was eleven years old, but this was trouble his smart mouthing and wise cracking could not get him out of. Hollis Brown was the Sheriff, and he was inclined to listen very closely as Harley told his story of events about what exactly happened at Heaven Falls Ranch. This story promises to keep your attention, there is a message of hope in this book, a message that your never in too deep for God to help you, even if you are a smart mouthed young punk, or an old fuddy dud of a Sheriff.

The story continues to unfold as the town and county seem to turn against the Sheriff, and even some of his own deputies turn their back on Sheriff Brown. Amazingly help comes at a critical moment, and you will have to read the book to find out how and if the help comes in time to prevent Harley from being prosecuted and convicted of a heinous crime, he claims to have not committed.

I do want to point out, this book did contain mild language and also some sexual undertones, which disappointed this reviewer. But overall, I did enjoy the book and I also recommend it for others to read. 324 pages This book is available at Amazon.com, or contact the author at www.waderivers.com

Woodhouse Family
Welcome Home
Our Family's Journey to Extreme Joy
Kimberly Woodhouse
Focus on the Family book printed by Tyndale Publishing

Reviewed by Cindy Loven

WOW!! What a book, Kim Woodhouse brings us the story of her family's journey, thru trying and difficult medical times, as her daughter struggled with a rare medical disorder.
This book ministered to me on a personal level, I cried and laughed throughout the book as Kim over and over again, returned to the verse the Lord kept giving her. “Count it all joy” was her motto. Many days she said it in faith, over and over, when her joy was no where to be found, when life was overwhelming her.
Follow along as they move from state to state, working in ministry and trying to find a climate that would help her children with their physical ailments. Feel her pain, despair and angst as she struggles with wondering where they will live, how they will pay their bills. Learn there are still great people in this world, as people reach out and minister to the Woodhouse family. See in amazement as Extreme Home Makeover, builds them a beautiful home. Stand in awe and amazement at just how God works in their lives.
This book is beautifully written, a story and a message for all of us. This book will minister to all who read it. A keeper for the personal library and a book you will want to share also. 220 pages $13.99 US

(10) An Amish Christmas
December in Lancaster County
Beth Wiseman, Kathleen Fuller, Barbara Cameron
Thomas Nelson

Reviewed by Cindy Loven

A Christmas Novella, containing three stories about three different Amish women in Paradise Pennsylvania. All three stories connected with the other, and were very well written in the way they connected.

Miriam, had a crush on Seth when they were fourteen years old, but being teased by other boys about it, Seth disdained her and called her a four eyed beanpole, harboring that hurt for years, Miriam had drawn herself away from any chance of romance, but then when she was nineteen years old Seth came back into her life. She was afraid to open herself to romance, but could she truly be loved as she wanted?

Lydia's husband had died a couple of years ago, she had worked hard to make a living for her children and herself, when someone from the past showed up on her doorstep. Wanting to drive Daniel away, she remembered how he had hurt her with his sudden departure years earlier, leaving her to be consoled by his brother Elam, now Elam is dead and Daniel is back, and there is a story to be told, can she find it in her heart to forgive and to love again?

Sarah and David Fisher, lost a baby during the Christmas season a few years ago, and now Sarah was sad that she didn't seem to be able to get pregnant again, but determined not to let her fears, hurt and pain show, she entertained her family and friends for First Christmas, carrying on a old family tradition, but the night would bring more than a winter storm to their door, it would bring a stranded Englisher and his wife, his very pregnant wife. His very pregnant wife who seemed to be going into early labor. How can Sarah do this, take care of a woman who is having a child when it is the very thing that Sarah desires most? Would the baby be safe, would he survive?

Three stories that will have you reading as fast as you can to get to the next story, Beth, Kathleen and Barbara have brought us a lovely Christmas compilation of Amish stories. Discussion guide and recipes at the end of the book. 444 pages $16.99 US
This book was provided for review purposes only, no cash or payment was received for this review.

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