A Measure of Mercy

Home to Blessing One
Lauraine Snelling
Bethany House

Reviewed by Cindy Loven

Astrid Bjorklund, has always wanted to be a doctor, and has been studying under her sister-in-law Dr. Elizabeth Bjorklund.  However an accident to a young man in the community  has Astrid questioning her calling as a doctor.  The young man's death is hard for Astrid to understand and accept, and she is not sure now she wants to pursue further studies in the field of medicine. 

Joshua Landsverk left the little town of Blessing, where Astrid and her family lives, but now he has returned, all due to Astrid, although she is not aware it is because of her that he has returned.  He has dreams.  Dreams of her, dreams of making a living doing something other than farming.  Dreams of building a life with Astrid in Blessing North Dakota.  He has not however revealed any of his dreams to Astrid.  He is nearly afraid to even dream such dreams, let alone share them. 

A missionary comes to their small town telling of the extreme need for medical personnel on the mission field.  Astrid is touched by his message, and decides to go ahead with her studies, but will she go to Africa?
Will Joshua fulfill his dreams?

The first in what appears to be a series, at least that is my hopes, A Measure of Mercy is a book that will hold your interest.  Full of historical information about how immigrants from Norway made a way for themselves in North Dakota.  A very very wonderful book.  367 pages 5 stars $13.99 US

This book was provided for review purposes only, no cash or payment was recieved for this review.

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