The Pastor's Wife

Jennifer AlLee
Abingdon Press
Releases Feb 2010

Reviewed by Cindy Loven

Maura and Nick Sullivan were in love, madly in love newlyweds, bound for their first pastorate. Maura had no idea, what this would do to her marriage. How disappointed she was to find herself as the second choice to Nick's affections over the church, and church duties. After six months she could take no more, and she left.

Six years pass, they are still married, but haven't seen each other in six years. Then sweet parishner dies, and her will brings a surprise. Miss Hattie included Maura in her will, and also a promise for a large donation to the church fund. There is a condition though, Maura and Nick must live together for six months, in order for Maura to collect her inheritance and the church to get their donation.

Both Maura and Nick are dismayed, but seem willing to give it a shot. Follow this wonderful story and see if Miss Hattie's will matchmaking scheme will reunite the pastor with his wife. See Maura come to love a community she never knew before. Watch as they both make their way. A wonderfully written story. 213 pages $13.99 US 4 stars

This book was provided for review purposes only. No cash or payment was received for this reveiw.

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