Lost Mission

Athol Dickson
Howard Fiction

Reviewed by Cindy Loven

Athol Dickson has brought us a complex novel. Set in both modern and ancient times, he often moves from one setting to the other unexpectedly, which makes you have to go back and read again. This was not an aspect of the novel that I enjoyed.

Bring forth the history of the Mission of the three Franciscan priests, who came to “New Spain” to evangelize among the Indians. The history of the building of the mission, and how it was wiped out by the small pox, was presented along with the modern story.

The modern story was one of Lupe, a young Mexican woman who came to the United States to evangelize to the lost Americans. She nearly died in the desert when she came across the border, but was rescued by a young minister Tucker Rue. She and Tucker quickly developed feelings for each other, but Lupe was sure that God had called her to this missionary call, and would not allow herself the freedom of having love in her life.

Leaving the mission that Tucker has began, Lupe finds herself in the employ of a very rich man, who is a religious zealot, but she is not sure he knows her Saviour. Knowing that God has placed her there for a reason, Lupe prays for the “mister” and lives a life of faith before him.

This story is not light reading, I am an avid reader and usually read a book in several hours and this book took me several nights to read because of the careful attention needed to keep the ancient story separate from the modern. Athol Dickson, shows his extreme writing skill, by keeping it all straight. A reader's guide and author interview is at the end of the book. 345 pages US $14.99 3 stars

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  1. It sounds like a good book, but like you, I'm not sure I'd like to keep switching from the present back to the past all the time!