The Frontiersman's Daughter

Laura Frantz
Christian Fiction/Historical

Reviewed by Cindy Loven

Set in the late 1700's Lael Click, lives in Kentucke.  Her father is a gifted woodsman, guide and hunter who has moved his family into Indian territory.  Kidnapped and held by the Indians for two years, he knows the signs and the ways of the Shawnee Indians.  

His lovely fourteen year old daughter is quickly catching the eye of a Shawnee brave, her long beautiful blond hair causes her to catch the brave's attention.  Lael, the daughter has an eye for a local boy, but her father had rather see her end up with a Indian than the local boy. 

Sending her off to a finishing school in Virginia, solves the immediate problem, but it makes Lael miserable and she wants nothing more than to return to her roots.  After five years in the school, word is sent that her father has died and left her his land in Kentucke.   Lael is going home. 

Once home, she finds many things have changed, including the local boy, who is now set to marry in just a few days.  A new doctor is in the fort, and Lael comes face to face with her own hatred, disappointments, and anger. 

This story will not disappoint the reader, it is full of excitement, and is a wonderfully written book.  Will Lael find love?  Will the Indian brave return to claim her?  What will happen to the new doctor, will the locals accept him and his doctoring?  So many questions, but the answers are there in the story.  I read this book start to finish (even if it did take me into the wee hours of the morning.)  412 pages $13.99 US 4 star rating

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  1. Cindy,
    Bless you for such a good review! And thank you for taking time to post on Amazon. That sure makes me smile:) Readers like you make writing so worthwhile. It means so much that you enjoyed Lael's journey. I pray you like Morrow's just as much. Very glad you're on the Revell reviwer list. Bless you today and always!