A Cousin's Prayer

Indiana Cousins Book 2
Wanda E. Brunstetter
Barbour Publishing

Reviewed by Cindy Loven

It has been a year since Katie Miller's boyfriend was killed in a horrible accident.  She returns to her home, for her cousin's wedding after staying in Florida with her grandparents.  However she cannot go back to Florida with her grandmother because they are moving to Wisconsin.  Katie really doesn't want to be at home.

Since she has gotten home, she has had panic attacks, and they seem to get more frequent, and leave her more in a fog than the last one.  Friends and family want to help Katie, but she is afraid to mention the attacks, afraid people will think she is crazy.  Instead a gossipy friend jumps to conclusions and spreads rumors out of jealousy.

An old friend from school who just moved back to the area, reaches out to Katie, because he recognizes her panic attacks, having had them himself as a young teen.  Without realizing it, they each fall for each other, thinking that neither one is interested in the other.   A tale that ends in love, it is very interesting how this author handled and presented this story.

This has perhaps been one of the best stories I have read in the Amish story genre, there is no Englisher falling in love with an Amish person, there is no Amish person deciding their faith, to stay or leave.  But is a story from within, a story of an Amish girl with a serious problem, and how the Amish family and friends help her.  I truly enjoyed this story.  There were things in the story that made me wonder, but after speaking with a friend who has researched in this area a lot, I became aware that the possibility was there.  300 pages 4 star rating.

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