Terror by Night

Terry Caffey with James H. Pence
Tyndale House Publishing
Non-fiction/True Crime

Reviewed by Cindy Loven

Terry Caffey, has truly lived a nightmare, no one should ever have to live. His family murdered, his house burned down, and himself left for dead, he thinks he is the only surviving member of his family.

To his delight, then horror, he discovers his daughter has survived, however she was involved with the murders. In fact the District Attorney, believes she is the master mind behind the plot to kill Terry, his wife and children.

How does a man face life alone, with his wife and son's brutally ripped from his life. How does a man face the truth that his sixteen year old daughter whom he has loved and raised, was part of the plan to kill them all? Only through the grace of God.

Terror by Night is a story of horror at the things that happen to the Caffey family. It is also a story of the grace of God, who touches and moves in Terry's life, bringing hope again to him. This book will have you sobbing for what is lost, and puzzling over the questions of why, how and what reason. A book of restored faith, redemptive power and God's love.

This book is most definitely a book to share with others. 260 pages $22.99 US 4 stars

This book was provided for review purposes only, no cash or payment was received for this review.

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