A Slow Burn

A Slow Burn
Defiance Texas Trilogy
Mary E. DeMuth

Reviewed by Cindy Loven

The second book of a trilogy, A Slow Burn, is a book that was a bit hard for me to read, having recently lost a child myself. It was a dark book. That being said it was a book that held my interest. And it left me wondering how the third book of the trilogy will play out.

Emory Chance lives in the small town of Defiance Texas. A single mother, her thirteen year old daughter Daisy has been missing for two months and the book opens with the discovery of Daisy's body. Reliving her downfalls as a mother, her grief and abuse as a child herself, Emory is in a dark abyss of regrets, anger, hurts and drugs. Hooked on marijuana and pills, Emory is a danger to herself.

Hixon, an older black man in her community believes he has heard the voice of God tell him to marry Emory. He is deeply in love with Missy (Miss E) as he calls her, and convinced that there is good in her to be redeemed.

Muriel, Hixon's adopted mother is dying of cancer. A wonderful saint of God, she too believes that Hixon came help Emory to find God and to find forgiveness. Leaving letters, that are prayers for Emory, to be mailed to Emory after her death Muriel continues to minister healing to Emory.

This book like I said earlier is a dark book,a deep book, abuse and drug usage being a key part of the book. The author has delved into an area most Christian writer do not. Being dark, doesn't mean it isn't a good book, in fact it is a wonderfully written book. She successfully kept her characters and story line, complicated with no confusion. It is just a theme and part of life we rarely see in Christian fiction. I did enjoy the book, and eagerly look for the third book of the trilogy.

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