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Hi Lauralee, I welcome you to my blog and I am going to first of all include your bio here at the very front of this interview so my readers can get to know you!

Lauralee Bliss has always liked to dream big dreams. Part of that dream was writing, and her career began with small creative works as a teen just for fun. After several years of hard work, the dream of publishing was realized in 1997 with the publication of her first romance novel, Mountaintop, through Barbour Publishing. Since then, she's had over fifteen books published, both historical and contemporary. Lauralee’s desire is that readers will come away with both an entertaining story and a lesson that ministers to the heart.

Along with the dream of writing and publishing, Lauralee has recognized another dream in her life, completing a hike of the entire Appalachian Trail. Lauralee is a wife of 20 years to husband Steve and mother to son Joshua, whom she homeschooled. Her other interests include traveling (of which she has been to 49 of the 50 states), gardening, and perusing a yard sale or two. Lauralee makes her home in Virginia in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Come visit her website at www.lauraleebliss.com to learn more about her books and writing, along with her other interests.

Cindy Reviews: Love Finds You in Bethlehem New Hamphire, of course was set in NH, Have you been there? or lived there?
Lauralee Bliss: I am an avid hiker and have actually hiked the mountains many times as well as visited the area. My first visit to the area was back when I was 12 years old and under unusual circumstances. In front of the Old Man, I was actually hit by a big RV motor home and only suffered a small fracture in my hand. Talk about a miracle right there! But over the years I have been impressed with the area. My only sorrow is that the Old Man of the Mountain is no longer with us, having fallen down in 2003.

Cindy Reviews Was the artist based on a actual artist from New Hampshire that painted landscapes?
Lauralee Bliss: The artist is based on those of the time period from the Hudson River School of artists who painted scenic landscapes, including the White Mountains, Franconia Notch and the famous rock formation - Old Man of the Mountain. I wanted to honor their skill, which is tremendous.

Cindy Reviews: Sara McGee was a NYC street urchin or street child, what or who inspired you to use this character, someone who would normally not be a love interest in a book?

Lauralee Bliss: I wanted to convey the hidden area of the heart - that God looks at the heart and not at the outside of man, and He can make the person beautiful in the eyes of others.

Cindy Reviews: What is next for our readers from Lauralee Bliss?
Lauralee Bliss: I have a three book contemporary romance series set in the beautiful state of Utah coming in 2010 by Heartsong Presents, Barbour Publishing. The first book, “Love’s Winding Path” is based on the biblical story of the Prodigal Son.

Lauralee Bliss's book Love Finds You in Bethlehem New Hampshire is now available in your favorite book store or online at Amazon.com

I am including the review I posted for this book.

Love Finds You in Bethlehem New Hampshire
Lauralee Bliss
Summerside Press

Reviewed by Cindy Loven

Thomas Hasken, was on his way UP. He was a gifted and talented, artist, whose painting had caught the eyes of many. Including Mr. Astor of the Astor's of New York.

One thing was missing from his life however. A wife. Thomas was not married, and was ready to marry and settle into a life of caring for a wife. Mr Astor all but commanded him to find a wife, telling him that love and a good wife, would inspire him to greater heights in his art career.

But how? He had no prospects. He didn't date anyone, nor know anyone he was interested in dating. A couple, who were newlyweds, had a suggestion. Place an ad for a wife. That was how they had met and married, and it was most successful for them. So he did, with their help and guidance.

Sara McGee was a young woman, living on the streets of New York City. Her benefactress Mrs. Whitaker, answered Thomas' ad for Sara. Describing Sara in glowing terms, and leaving out some facts, she had all but convinced Thomas, just through her letters that Sara was the perfect bride for him.

Sara arrives and to Thomas' dismay, it is easy to see that this young lady, lacks much in her training. He is dismayed at the turn of events. Add in a beautiful socialite, from Boston, the cousin, of his close friend's wife. A socialite who seems to be totally smitten with him, a woman who is polished and skilled in all the social graces. A tangled web is what Thomas now has. A web that is leaving him uninspired to paint, and very confused.

Watch lovely Sara blossom into a women, sure of herself, and developed into a vision of beauty. Follow along as Lauralee brings us a story of love, overcoming and faith. A lovely written story, one to share with friends. 295 pages $12.99 US

Disclaimer: No funds, cash or payments were received for this review, the only compensation received was the book, which was used to write the review.

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