Amy Clipston
Five Star Publishing

Reviewed by Cindy Loven

Betrayed! That was how Lacey felt, when just eight short months after her father's remarriage, he and her stepmother were killed in a horrible accident. Then at the reading of the will, she was outraged and hurt that her father had left his racing company to her and Reese.

Reese, the most gorgeous and sexy man that Lacey had ever laid eyes on. However, she had known him since they were babies, their dads were best friends, and he had worked his way up to a driver on the team. Now she had to share "her" racing company with him. Oh the problem was not that she did not like Reese, it was that she did like him. Way too much!!

Zipping home for a short visit, from college, after her dad's death, Lacey discovers that something is seriously amiss! Things have been moved around in her house, Carl, Reese's dad and her father's best friend is acting downright weird. Something is not right, and she turns to Reese to help her figure it out.

Working together they will solve this mystery. But will Lacey's heart survive? Will Reese betray her trust?

A well written novel, Amy Clipston has once again shown her great talent. However as a fan of her Christian fiction, I was disappointed that this was not in that same genre. There was mild language and sexual innuendos, that did not add to the story line at all. 257 pages $25.95 US

Disclaimer, no payment was received for this review, only compensation was the book, sent from the author which was used to write the review

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