She Did What She Could (Review)

She Did What She Could
Elisa Morgan
Tyndale House
Non Fiction/Christian Living/Spiritual Growth

Reviewed by Cindy Loven

Elisa Morgan, writes the story of Mary of Bethany. While studying the story of Mary, written in the book of Mark, in verse 8, she came across the words “she did what she could.” Mary took expensive oil and out of her love for Jesus, she anointed his head with this oil. She faced the ridicule and protests of the disciples. She did what she could for her Saviour. Jesus, as a result of her actions, first rebuked the disciples and told them to leave her alone. Then he stated, that “she did what she could” and then he declared that her story would be remembered everywhere the gospel was told.

The phrase “she did what she could” struck a chord within Elisa and she started thinking and then wrote about doing what you can.

What if you did what you could? What if you did what ONLY you could do? What if you started where you were? What if we did what we could with what we have?

SDWSC, is not a story of paying it forward, it is not a story of doing random acts of kindness. It is not about an act of obedience, just for the sake of obeying. It is not about guilt avoidance. Instead it is acting out of God's love for a given moment.

Elisa Morgan shares personal stories, about people doing what they can where they are. An easy reading book, a book that will stir you to do what you can where you are, with what you have. 99 pages $9.99 US

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