Plain Promise

Plain Promise
A Daughters of the Promise Novel
Beth Wiseman
Thomas Nelson

Reviewed by Cindy Loven

Sadie Fisher is tired. Tired of being alone, tired of having to take care of her farm alone. A young widow for four years, Sadie is lonely, wanting to be loved, and to give love to a husband and a family. After two years of writing letters and phone calls with Milo, an Amish man from Texas, Sadie is feeling perhaps the time is coming for her dreams to be fulfilled.

Kade Saunders is burned out. Being a successful, rich building contractor has opened him up to people using him for their own personal gain. After a failed marriage, and failing in the dating world, he is just looking for some peace and quiet in his life.

Two people as different as day and night, and they find themselves extremely attracted to one another. How will this ever work out? Sadie is Amish, and Kade is an Englischer. A divorced Englischer, whose ex-wife suddenly brings his autistic son to live with him, while she finds her way. Then there is Milo, the young Amish man from Texas who has been writing to Sadie for a couple of years, he finally comes to Lancaster County to meet her. Will Sadie end up with love in her life? Who will it be?

Plain Promise is a book that will guarantee to keep your interest. An Amish story, that is well written, with believable characters and a wonderful story line. While it is a familiar story line for Amish books, Beth Wiseman has a writing style that grabs your attention, and that makes these people seem like your best friends. You will laugh and cry, as they find their way. Find their way, where? Read the book! No spoilers here! Group discussion questions at the end of the book, along with some Amish recipes. 336 pages $14.99 US

Disclaimer, no payment was received for this review, only compensation was the book, sent from the publisher which was used to write the review

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