Guardian of the Flame

Guardian of the Flame
A Seven Wonders Novel
T.L. Higley
B & H Publishing

Reviewed by Cindy Loven

Set in Alexandria Egypt, 48 BC Guardian of the Flame is truly like no other book I have read. A book that will grab you, lead you to a comfy chair and keep you there first page to the last page. Truly a fascinating book.

Sophia, a woman of great tragedy, loosing her husband and baby in a shipwreck years earlier, has hidden herself in the lighthouse for years. As the Keeper of the Light, she is responsible for keeping the light burning in the lighthouse. A woman of means, and great learning, Sophia takes pride in her position. Her family has been the Keepers of the Light for generations.

Cleopatra, co-regent to the throne of Egypt, a student of languages at Sophia's knee, is playing with fire. More exactly she is giving her heart over to the Roman conqueror Julius Caesar Taking a gamble that will keep her as a ruler of Egypt, she sneaks into the castle of her upbringing and joins herself to Caesar

The Roman Army is in the city of Alexandria, war is bound to break out as the Ptolemy's jostle and juggle for leadership of the nation of Egypt. This story will unfold, with great mystery, romance and heartbreak. Love will find its way back into Sophia's life. Romantic love? Or familial love? Read this wonderful story and join in the search for love that Sophia has felt she does not deserve.

A book in the Seven Wonders series T. L. Higley has truly written a novel that deserves a five star rating. She has done extensive research, as the writing in the book will reveal. A book set in the times of idolatry and worship of false gods, T. L. Higley weaves the love of the one true God into this story. A wonderful book, with a believable, plausible story line, most definitely a book to keep for the home library. 384 pages.

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  1. This sounds like a wonderful story. I enjoy reading books set in ancient times. This one is going on my list of books to read.

    I love the boot card that you made!