Welcome Home (Review)

Woodhouse Family
Welcome Home
Our Family's Journey to Extreme Joy
Kimberly Woodhouse
Focus on the Family book printed by Tyndale Publishing

Reviewed by Cindy Loven

WOW!! What a book, Kim Woodhouse brings us the story of her family's journey, thru trying and difficult medical times, as her daughter struggled with a rare medical disorder.

This book ministered to me on a personal level, I cried and laughed throughout the book as Kim over and over again, returned to the verse the Lord kept giving her. “Count it all joy” was her motto. Many days she said it in faith, over and over, when her joy was no where to be found, when life was overwhelming her.

Follow along as they move from state to state, working in ministry and trying to find a climate that would help her children with their physical ailments. Feel her pain, despair and angst as she struggles with wondering where they will live, how they will pay their bills. Learn there are still great people in this world, as people reach out and minister to the Woodhouse family. See in amazement as Extreme Home Makeover, builds them a beautiful home. Stand in awe and amazement at just how God works in their lives.

This book is beautifully written, a story and a message for all of us. This book will minister to all who read it. A keeper for the personal library and a book you will want to share also. 220 pages $13.99 US
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