Secondhand Jesus

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Secondhand Jesus
Trading Rumors of God for a firsthand faith
Glenn Packiam
David C. Cook
Non-fiction/Christian living/Spiritual Growth

Glenn Packiam, an associate worship pastor at New Life Church, Colorado Springs, Colorado, was on staff when the shock of his life came. His senior pastor had been found in a very public sin, and was asked to step down. Glenn realized that his walk with Christ was a second hand walk.
Just as second hand cigarette smoke will kill non-smokers, a second hand relationship with Jesus will bring you spiritual death. Join Glenn, as he explores and deepens his relationship with Jesus.
Each chapter ends with discussion questions, making this book a wonderful tool for a book group. A well written book, with interesting stories and spiritual truths, Glenn has written a book to definitely share with friends and family. 217 pages, $14.99 US

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