Cry in the Night (Review)

Cry in the Night
A Rock Harbor Mystery
Colleen Coble
Thomas Nelson

Bree Matthews, her son Davy, and her dog Samson have moved on with life, after a tragic plane crash, killed her first husband. However strange happenings in their UP Michigan area, has Bree on the edge. She is seeing things, or is she?

Babies are disappearing, a social worker is missing, and someone has tried to snatch Davy. Bree's nerves are stretched to nearly snapping. Add in a sister-in-law who is super irresponsible and who has blackmailed a criminal. Truly you have a recipe for disaster and that is exactly what it is taking place.

A woman in their town is found dead in her front yard, and an autistic young man is arrested for the murder. Bree is convinced it was not him, and works hard to solve the mystery. However solving this mystery, may be the unraveling of her new life and love.
Colleen Coble has brought us a mystery/suspense novel that will thrill you! Most definitely a book you will not want to put down till the end. 245 pages $14.99 US

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