Coming Attractions

Coming Attractions
Katie Weldon Series
Robin Jones Gunn

Reviewed by Cindy Loven

For more than half her life, Katie Weldon had dreamed of being Rick Doyle's girl. And now she was, and had been for a year and a half. So why was she feeling so uneasy about her relationship with Rick?
Why did it seem such a struggle to see him? Sure they were both busy, she finishing up her last semester in college and he working hard to open two cafes with his brother. Still there was a uneasiness in the relationship.

When it hit her, being the every impulsive person she was, she had to share with Rick right then.
Their relationship was over, because they had gone as far as they could go in their hearts. They were not knit together in their hearts. Rick is angry, hurt and downright mad at her. She is trying to deal with her own emotions of an ending relationship.

Watch as Katie's friends help her through this sorrowful time, and help usher her into a relationship that she is very resistant to, but that is God ordained. Follow along as Katie, helps guide Rick into a new relationship with a close friend of hers. Be amazed at just how smoothly God works out this mangled and twisted relationship.

While this book is part of a series, and there are references to happenings from other books, this story totally stands alone. You will enjoy it on its own, or perhaps be inspired to check out more of the series. A wonderfully written book, a well presented story. A story of love and grace. 288 pages $14.99 US

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