Sunset Beach A Novel (Review)

Sunset Beach A Novel
Trish Perry
Harvest House Publishers
Contemporary Fiction

Reviewed by Cindy Loven

Sunset Beach, A Novel. Oh my what a book, truthfully, this is my first book of Trish Perry's to read and I am a dedicated fan for sure NOW!! This book is amazing, Trish Perry has brought us a wonderful story about life, even with happy endings, and it has some sad endings also. Your saying endings???There were several things in the life of Sonata (aka Sonny) Miller that she planned on dealing with on her weeks vacation at the beach with her mother. Just graduating from college, getting ready for grad school, Sonny was tired of not knowing her heritage, and she had done some snooping and had a surprise planned. She hired a beach cottage for the week and asked her mom to spend the week as her graduation present, unknown to her mother, Sonny had also hired a private investigator to find her aunt, and her aunt had been invited to the beach house also.
Teresa Miller, knew Sonny was up to something, but was not sure what, so she brought along a protegee' hoping to defuse the situation.
This story will unfold, returning a lost love to Sonny, allowing her to know her family history and meet family members she never knew about. Trish Perry has done an excellent job of bringing us a story that deals with more baggage in people's lives, than an airport luggage claim department. I promise this book delivers it all!! Tears, laughter, joy, sadness, it is all in Sunset Beach. The close of the book has discussion questions about the chapters, and also a preview of another of Trish's books. This book was based on a original concept by Sally John and contains a foreword from Sally John. 330 pages $13.99 US
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