Defying Autism

Karen Mayer Cunningham
Creation House
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Karen Mayer, knows what she wants and goes for it. Her story begins as she returns from LA, where she had gone for her dream career, in the entertainment industry. Her return home indicates, that she did not achieve her goals in entertainment, but God obviously had other plans for her life. The next thing Karen, wants is the dreamy music minister at her parent's church and she goes for him, and soon she was Mrs. Tom Mayer. On track for a perfect life, Karen has their first child, James. James was a perfect baby, and her life really did not seem to be able to become any more perfect, until James turned 18 months old and things drastically changed.
James started banging his head, rocking, tantrums, all things that she ignored, until she was no longer able to ignore them. Finally her son is diagnosed with classical autism and the thing she has dreaded most is true. Follow the story of the Mayer family as they work through this struggle in their lives, learn how it affected them all.
This story was an easy book to read, I do have to say, that while I totally believe in divine healing, demonic oppression, and the casting out of demons, I am afraid the message of this book, will imply that all autistic children are demon possessed and I do disagree with that, as does Karen Mayer. She states that in the book, but the implications, are surely to be taken. All said, I did find the story interesting, and a wonderful story of how the whole situation changed Karen and drew her closer to God.
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About the Author

The ups and downs of life have taught Karen Mayer Cunningham that laughter really is the best medicine for what ails you. Her passionate narratives can as easily make you laugh as they can move you to tears. Karen draws many of her stories from her daily life and more specifically from being the mother of a severely autistic son. More than once Karen wondered how she would face the trials that crossed her path. The weight of the responsibility of a handicapped child, became the cross roads of her life. Her story of how God super-naturally altered and prospered her life will uplift and refresh you. Whether she is opening for a Grammy award winning musician, redirecting a sales force or lifting up the hearts of a women's encounter, she cuts through with comedy and clarity; challenging others to take it up a notch or two. Karen knows that through he release of emotions you will internalize her message of possessing the promises and purposes of God, that will take you on the road to truly joyful living.

Karen is a gifted stand-up comic, motivator, and author. She and her husband, Cortney, live in Houston with their three beautiful children, James, Paige, and Caden.

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