"Y" City

“Y” City
Wade Rivers
The P3 Press

Reviewed by Cindy Loven

A “local” book, set in the part of Arkansas where I live, how thrilling to recognize and read a book that describes local scenery and towns. Even though this book was fiction, many of the places described in this book are real towns, real parts of the beautiful state of Arkansas.
Wade Rivers has written a book that is a captivating suspense, you put it down to think about what you have read, but quickly pick it up again to continue reading.
Harley Wright, a smart mouthed young man is in deep trouble. Trouble is all he has faced all his life since his mom died when he was eleven years old, but this was trouble his smart mouthing and wise cracking could not get him out of. Hollis Brown was the Sheriff, and he was inclined to listen very closely as Harley told his story of events about what exactly happened at Heaven Falls Ranch. This story promises to keep your attention, there is a message of hope in this book, a message that your never in too deep for God to help you, even if you are a smart mouthed young punk, or an old fuddy dud of a Sheriff.
The story continues to unfold as the town and county seem to turn against the Sheriff, and even some of his own deputies turn their back on Sheriff Brown. Amazingly help comes at a critical moment, and you will have to read the book to find out how and if the help comes in time to prevent Harley from being prosecuted and convicted of a heinous crime, he claims to have not committed.
I do want to point out, this book did contain mild language and also some sexual undertones, which disappointed this reviewer. But overall, I did enjoy the book and I also recommend it for others to read. 324 pages This book is available at Amazon.com, or contact the author at www.waderivers.com

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