When God and Grief Meet (Review)

When God and Grief Meet
True Stories of Comfort & Courage
Lynn Eib
Tyndale House Publishers
Genre: Non fiction/self help

Reviewed by Cindy Loven

Lynn Eib, a cancer survivor and a pastor's wife, and a Cancer Support Group and Grief Support Group leader, has led many support groups helping people to deal with their grief, as they deal with cancer and the loss of their loved ones. Lynn has compiled many stories of how families who have lost their loved ones continue on and handle their grief. She combines these stories, with Bible verses interspersed through out the chapters.
Fourteen chapters deal with the issues that grief brings us, some chapter titles include Feeling Your World Fall Apart, Preserving a Memory No One Can Steal, Surviving the Imperfect Storms, Throwing Rocks at God's Windows. These titles cover just a few of the chapters covered in this book. The end of the book closes out with a list of Grief books for adults, and kids, and also organizations, resources and websites you can turn to during your time of grieving.
As a parent who recently lost a teenage son, this book was a true blessing with the many words of comfort, compassion and wisdom. I give this book a 4 star rating. 189 pages

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