Gone in a Heartbeat Review

Gone in a Heartbeat, Our Daughters Died...Our Faith Endures
David and Marie Works with Dean Merrill
Tyndale House Publishers
Focus on the Family

The subtitle on this book, is so very accurate. David and Marie Works share their hearts and their faith in this book. It is as the back cover states a true story of hope and fearless faith.

This book has ministered to me on many levels, especially being in the midst of my own tragedy, I found the faith of this family to envelope me with their love of God and faith that He would be with them each step of the way. It is easy to know that in our heads, but translating it into our hearts and lives sometimes becomes hard, but the Works family, showed us it is something that can be done.

A church family rocked by scandal and then a gunman opening fire in the parking lot and foyer of the church, is enough to shake the faith of any church member, but the New Life church family bonded together as a family, to support each other and to support the Works family through this devastating shooting. A true model of what God intends His church to be, from the pastor to the local body. As a pastor's wife this struck a chord within me, to see how this church family responded to the fire of these trials.

As a mother, I was in tears, laughter and joy at the stories of the lives and faith of Stephanie, Laurie and Rachel. They had a heart for God that makes our faith, in the youth of today's church age, surge with great hope. These young ladies not only spoke of their faith, they lived it out daily in their lives and actions. Their stories of their faith encourage me that the youth of today are a key to revival in our nation. Stephanie and Rachel, lost their lives, only to wake up in the presence of the Lord, whom they served whole heartedly, Laurie's faith and strength was so strongly shown in this book, as was the faith of Grace the younger sister and their parents.

The loss of a child, is enough to shake the faith of any parent, loosing two children would have to be agonizing, but we clearly see through this wonderfully written book that faith in God will sustain us through anything we encounter in life. I give this book 5 stars and highly recommend it for any family who is grieving or struggling with their faith in God.

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