Breaking up is Hard to Do Review

Breaking Up is Hard to Do
A Miracle Girls Novel
Anne Dayton & May Vanderbilt
2009 (to be released April 16)
FaithWords Hatchette Book Group
ISBN: 978-0-446-40756-4

Reviewed by Cindy Loven

Four friends, the Miracle Girls, friends with a history together, friends to the end, kind of friends. Friends who find themselves in a new situation with new problems and new worries.
Ana, Christine, Riley and Zoe have been friends for a while, they call themselves the Miracle Girls, maybe because it is a miracle they are all friends, as different as they each are, but maybe because it is a miracle they are all there for each other through the bad times. They have definitely gone through bad times together, Riley had an accident, and Christine's mom died in a car crash.
Follow along as each girl deals with their problems, the main story line focuses on Christine coming to terms with her mom's death. Christine's dad is engaged to be married and her mission is to break the engagement up, the struggles she faces affect who she is and how she acts. Her faith is tested to the very limits.
The Miracle girls struggle to stay together as friends, as new interests, mainly boys, tug them away from each other, and the girls each in their own way, struggle to stay true to their friendship. Competitiveness threatens the friendship too, as Ana is consumed with how well she is doing in school versus Riley, who seems to be a natural at everything. Being a sophomore has it struggles and the Miracle Girls wonder will they make it through this school year intact.
Scheduled to be released in April 2009, Breaking up is Hard to Do, Book#2 in the Miracle Girls series, is a book that all teen girls should read, it addresses the issues that Christian young women face, in friendships, in relationships with boys and in relationship with God. This book was wonderfully written and I give it a 4 star rating. 273 pages 9.99 United States.

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