today....Valentine's Day...

wasnt a bad day, we met Dave's family (mom, sister, brother, sil, nephew, neice, and great nephews) in LR for Bren's birthday (oldest great nephew) at Chucky Cheese, I do not care for that place and have had a headache all day, but it wasnt as loud as usual...After Chucky's Dave's sister, my mil and myself went shopping, and Dave took Jarrod to a movie...they went to see Pink Panther 2 and enjoyed it, and I enjoyed the shopping trip, we just went to one store, but found some good things...
still have a headache, think it is sinus gunk...ohh joy..
Hope you all had a great Valentines Day.

Hoping I can sit still long enough to get a few books read this week and some reviews posted...sitting still, without my mind going to work on me..is hard!! I have been sleeping better the past two nights..so thanks for all the prayers...pray for Davie boy now, he is having trouble staying asleep..and he is not feeling well, I am sure from not resting well.

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