Boom Town Chang's Famous Fireworks Factory

Title: Boom Town Book One
written and illustrated by: Nowen N. Particular (aka Marty Longe')
published by Thomas Nelson
Genre: Kids/Juvenile/Fiction

A church, with a history of pastors who don't “make” it, a new pastor and his family, and mysterious disappearing objects, all the setting and beginning of a wonderfully entertaining story. I read this book in one sitting with tears streaming down my face, from laughing so hard.
My imagination was stretched as the author described marvels I would have never thought of. A mansion turned museum with switches that did all sorts of amazing thing using steam. A town where every celebration somehow involved fireworks. A miraculous healing (of sorts) due to a gerbil. A football team famous for loosing games for forty long years. Floods, long winters, Spring Fever Festivals, parades, an Indian tribe that performs in a famous circus, interspersed with the most interesting characters you will in any town, will capture and hold your attention. Combine all these things (and more) and then add in a bit of mystery with things disappearing, and mounds of dirt appearing and a rarely glimpsed stranger and you have the perfect setting for a book that is wonderfully written and illustrated by Nowen N. Particular.
This story does not have a dull moment in it. Your imagination will stretch and grow as you picture all the many wonders described in this book. You will laugh as unfortunate incidents turn into comedic moments, and chuckle at a pastor who stays is desperate to not follow in the footsteps of his previous 24 predecessors. You also will be amazed by a story of family love and devotion.
This reviewer gives this book a 5 star rating, along with a standing round of applause for a story that is well written and very entertaining. 16.99 323 pages

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