The First Easter Ever Review

9780310740841About the Book:
From the creator of the Read with Me Bible comes The First Easter Ever, a simple retelling of the mission, death, and resurrection of Jesus. This colorful holiday book is sure to become a favorite of little ones.
From the Back Cover
The first Easter was a day of great rejoicing! Jesus had done exactly as his Father wanted on earth. He showed us just how much God loves everyone-- including you and me! And now he has risen from the dead! Read all about Jesus and his work and rejoice! Alleluia!

My Thoughts:
A bright colorful book sure the capture the attention of toddlers and young readers alike. This book takes us from the beginning of His ministry and beyond to the ascension, centering on the Easter story. The book is in easy to understand vernacular and should hold the attention of young little minds. I was pleased with this presentation, it was very scriptural and on the level a young child will enjoy. The artwork is great, very bright and colorful. 4.5 stars from this reviewer. This book was provided for review purposes only, no payment was provided for this review. 

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