Red and the Wolf by June Foster (Review)

My Thoughts:
This book was very different from June's other writing.  There is no issue as a theme here, but it follows the pattern of the old fairy tale Little Red Riding Hood.  But is Wolf Skinner really the big bad wolf?  You will have to read to find out.  I enjoyed this tale, but it was not my favorite book by June (that honor lies with her book Ryan's Father.)  It was a light hearted fun read though and it is enjoyable.  Available in e-book format for only 99 cents, so anyone can be able to afford and enjoy it.  4 stars from this reviewer.  I purchased this book on my own and no review was required from anyone, I just chose to share my opinions of this story.
About the Book
Newspaper reporter Lilly Hood didn't ask for ADD that's plagued her since childhood. Never mind she can't remember where she puts things, but when she forgets dates with her handsome boyfriend, Hunter Woods, well, that's inexcusable. 

Though Hunter has known Lilly from the time she was a scrawny kid scurrying up trees and gallivanting through Alabama forests, will he understand when she doesn't keep her promises? Or will he suspect Lilly's falling for her tall, dark, and handsome co-worker? 

Fellow reporter Wolf Skinner has designs on Lilly and would like to take Hunter's place as Lilly's boyfriend. But his reasons are less than honorable. When Lilly gets lost in the forest and must climb a tree to escape a ferocious bear, which of these gentlemen will be her hero? 

Red and the Wolf is a modern day retelling of Little Red Riding Hood. Sometimes red heads attract more than Wolves. 

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