You Can Still Wear Cute Shoes

Lisa McKay
David C Cook
Non fiction/Christian living

Reviewed by Cindy Loven

Who is a pastor's wife? What does she do? How should she dress?  Believe me all of these questions will run through your head once you find out your husband is called to be a pastor.  Lisa McKay faced each of these questions.  Lisa and her husband were not even saved when they married, but came to find the Lord right before their divorce was final, they were on the brink of divorce and found the Lord.  Imagine though if you will a young couple who really were not familar with church and "churchese" finding themselves facing the call into ministry. 
Lisa's book will address her journey of learning to live in that calling.  A humorous yet serious look at the expectations pastor's wives face and often put on themselves.  She will show how to find that happy medium, when to say yes and when to say no to the requests made on a family.  A valuable tool for all pastor's wives!What sets this book apart from all other books about being a pastor's wife?  For me it is the sections in the back of the book, the section for lay people to understand more about their pastor and his wife.  The section for the pastors to understand and minister to their wives.  Definitely a tool that all lay members should have in their hands.  206 pages 4 stars

Learn more about  Lisa at her website A Preacher's Wife
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