Songbird Under a German Moon

Tricia Goyer
Summerside Press
Fiction/Romantic Suspense

Reviewed by Cindy Loven

Did you hear it? That sigh of contentment of another 5 star Tricia Goyer book read (devoured more like it).  Once again Tricia Goyer has written a novel that just makes you sigh with contentment.  A wonderful book filled with suspense and tension.  And love blooming in a war torn German city.
Betty Lake travels to a war torn Germany to perform with the USO, a small town girl who got her start singing in the church choir, Betty is sure that this is the fulfillment of her dreams.  However all was not smooth sailing so to speak, it seemed that from the very flight over, things were bumpy in Betty's life. 
Finding herself falling for a handsome soldier/photographer, and enjoying her role in the USO show, Betty is pretty sure things are looking up, only to find our her roommates husband died in an accident and then she was found floating in a nearby pond.  The MP's are positive it is suicide, but Betty just cannot believe that Kat would take her own life.  A mystery to be solved, for sure!  Trying to keep safe, but to also figure out what has happened Betty keeps her eyes, and ears open. 
Most definitely a book you do not want to miss, Tricia Goyer has given us a 5 star hit!!  $12.99 US 334 pages 5 stars
This book was provided for review purposes only, no payment was received for this review.

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