Screen Play

Chris Coppernoll
David C. Cook

Reveiewed by Cindy Loven

Harper Gray is down on her luck and has been for a year.  An actress with no work for a year, she is at the bottom, and barely looking up, even considering ending her life.  Then she makes a friend who introduces her to the Lord, and guides her and teaches her how to serve the Lord.  However that doesn't change how desperately she needs a job, so when old friend Ben Hughes called and offered her an understudy position in a play on Broadway, she jumps at the chance.  Never dreaming this would catapult her career into stardom.  However Harper wasn't sure stardom and fame was what she was looking for in life. 
Love, true love, was the thing Harper desired more than anything, so on the advice of a friend she joined an online dating service, matched up with several men, she quickly culled through and began communicating with two men.  Luke in Alaska, and James in California.  So unsure of herself, and afraid too of where these communications would take her, she proceeds with great caution.  Will Harper find the love of her life?  Will she be the next great movie star?  How will the story of Harper play out? 
This story of Harper Gray is a delightful story, truly engaging.  Chris Coppernull amazed me with this book, he truly told a beautiful story of love, redemption and the grace of God in our lives.  I truly enjoyed following Harper's story from beginning to the last page.  342 pages  $14.99 US 5 stars

This book was provided for review purposes only, no payment was received for this review.

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