Hearts of Compassion

Eryn Grace
Red Rose Publishing

Rylee Fitz has lived the life, the daughter of a multi-millionaire, she knows what money is.  She also knows that she has been written out of the will for failing to work in her father's business.  Making her way to the top is her way to prove to him she can make it on her own. 

Working in marketing with an interior design firm, Rylee and a team of workers head to Albany NY, to help market a homeless shelter, while they are there, they work in the shelter, along side the staff and the homeless and Rylee finds out life is not all about her. 

A life changing experience that opens her eyes to the less fortunate, and opens her heart to love, Rylee returns to NYC where she finds, her company is being taken over by men who are less than honest, and on a revenge cycle against the Fitz family.  Resigning before she is fired, she finds herself evicted from her apartment, her father's business being investigated by the FBI.  Things are worse than she could have ever imagined.  How will this all turn out?

Eryn Grace, has brought us a delightful book, full of exciting twists and turns.  Will Rylee find true love?  Will she go to prison?  Will her family loose their business.  This book will have you from the first chapter to the very end.  A great story.  388 pages 4 stars.

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Author Bio

Eryn Grace currently lives in the Green Bay area of Wisconsin, with her husband, three children and various pets—some with attitude. Her hobbies include gardening during the summer and reading and eating ice cream in the winter when the wind chill‟s 35 degrees below zero.  Visit her website at http://www.eryngrace.com/

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