Blind Sight

James H. Pence

Reviewed by Cindy Loven

A reprint of a book from 2003, this book was featured in the book Terror by Night, which I reviewed also, this book is a suspenseful, mystery.

A exciting book about a cult, trying to move their leader into a high position in the government, they (the cult) are on a search for one of the leaders who defected and who is trying her best to bring them down.

Her husband, who was left behind in the cult, makes arrangements to send their children to an old college friend, convinced that he was in danger of being killed by the cult. Knowing that his friend Thomas Kent, would do the best he could for the kids, he was very careful, but was still spotted by the followers of the cult and killed.

Thomas Kent, who was facing his own demons and troubles from his past was not sure he could take care of the children. However after he saw how determined someone seemed to be to grab them, he put aside his fears, eventually making peace with his past, and helped the children find their mom.

An adventure from the first word to the last, you will not have a chance to be bored by this book. I as a mystery lover would love to see more books from this author. 402 pages $9.99 US 4 star rating.

This book was provided by Kathy Carlton Willis Communications for review purposes only, no payment or cash was received for this review.

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