Seaside Letters (Review)

Seaside Letters
A Nantucket Love Story
Denise Hunter
Thomas Nelson

Reviewed by Cindy Loven

Betrayal, has driven Sabrina away from her family and her home in Macon. Betrayed by her fiancé, Jared and her cousin, Jaylee six days before her wedding, she has little trust for anyone. She finds herself on the island of Nantucket, spending her supposed to be honeymoon alone and decides to stay.

Waiting tables and researching plots and facts for a local mystery writer, keeps her busy. She soon strikes up a friendship online through the Nantucket Chatroom, where she finds herself falling for a local man. Horrified to discover he is one of her customers at the cafe', she knows she cannot reveal who she truly is. A deep shameful secret paralyzes Sabrina, she knows that if Tucker knew who she really was, he would hate her.

Renny, Sabrina's friend and boss, the local mystery writer, has written nine novels, none of which have been published yet. Sabrina does not understand, why these novels haven't been published. Renny is an awesome author. Poor Renny, on the other hand, is always questioning if it is good enough. Self-image problems threaten to destroy a talented author. Sabrina tries to help Renny past these issues, even though she herself has some of the same issues.

This romance, filled with amusing twists and turns, also has a very serious side, concerning betrayal, and the redemptive power of God. Denise Hunter has written an awesome story of love. A discussion guide at the end really drives home the redemption angle of the story. 314 pages $14.99 US

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