God Stories

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God * Stories
Explorations in the Gospel of God
Andrew Wilson
David C Cook
Non-fiction/Christian Living/Spiritual Growth

Reviewed by Cindy Loven

Andrew Wilson has broken the gospel down into bite size, you could say. Nuggets of truth, written in small stories, he calls God Stories. God Stories is a book full of such nuggets. Written in a style similar to the Bible, you begin with Old Testament God Stories and on into the New Testament.
Andrew, however breaks his book up into Acts One through Five rather than into Old and New Testament sections. He does a wonderful job of clarifying Bible stories, that might have been confusing to some in King James English. A wonderful book, full of God's truth! Definitely a great read!
Sections end with a coffee break, and who can pass up a coffee break? The coffee breaks, give us time for reflection over what we have read and also information to meditate and pray over. Some God Stories titles, The Image of God, The Blueprint, The City and the Tower, The Battle for Beauty, The Wedding, and many many more. This book is not a Bible, and cannot replace a Bible, but it is a book that can help people who struggle to understand the Bible. Definitely a book to recommend to others. 302 pages $14.99 US

Press release information:
Today, multitudes see theology as a rabbit warren of concepts without narratives, a series of points, principles, and theories that take all the best bits (like characters, plot twists, and heroism) out of the Bible and leave behind a slightly inedible result—like eating cereal without milk or playing Scrabble without vowels. But in his new book, GodStories: Explorations in the Gospel of God (David C Cook, July 2009), author of the best-selling Incomparable brings Scripture to life with fresh and relevant insights on how its stories can profoundly affect our faith.

Just as we have one God in three persons, and one church made up of many people, so in Scripture we have one gospel made up of many stories. In fifty-six short narratives, Andrew Wilson examines these beautiful, triumphant, often heartbreaking, and always magnificent stories that make up the gospel of God—GodStories. Inside readers will rediscover the glorious mission of God, freedom from sin, and how the promises of God never fail.

“We have one gospel, for sure: a single, unifying, big story about God and creation, man and sin, Jesus and rescue,” says Wilson. “But we also have many different ways of telling that big story because it is too large for us to grasp all at once. Seeing the many GodStories in the one gospel does not reduce that gospel in glory or splendour. Quite the opposite—it dramatically increases it.”

Written in a devotional-style perfect for morning or evening reading, GodStories includes reflection sections that will give additional food for thought in the form of questions, scriptures and psalms, hymns, quotes from important church figures, prayers, etc. With winsome language and a solid biblical foundation, Wilson also introduces and walks through, in layman’s terms, some heavier points of theology, such as atonement, justification by faith, penal substitution, open theism, and the new covenant.

“We need to know, and preach, and live the gospel,” writes Wilson. “The good news that shines through every GodStory will bring us closer into worship, push us further into mission, and draw us closer into community—face down, flat out, all in. Prepare to be stunned and in total amazement at the many-faceted gospel story, the greatest story ever told.”

Author Bio
Andrew Wilson holds degrees in theology from Cambridge University and London School of Theology. His passion is to communicate the extraordinary truths of God. Andrew teaches internationally and is an elder at Kings Church Eastbourne in the UK, where he leads training and development. He is also the author of Incomparable: Explorations in the Character of God and lives with his wife, Rachel, and their newborn baby, Ezekiel, in the UK.

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