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Confessions of a Pastor's Wife
He Speaks, Can you Hear Him
Kathryn Bonner
Tate Publishing
Non-Fiction/Christian living/Women
3 Stars

Reviewed by Cindy Loven

A pregnant teenager, married to a boy she really wasn't planning on marrying, and then another baby a couple of years later, seven years later a divorce, this is where we find Kathryn's story beginning.
A single mom, trying to make her way, with no interest in dating, Kathryn has a specific list, for the man she will date. But God obviously had different plans for her life, and he brought along Bruce. Married and finding their way as a blended family, Bruce begins seminary and Kathryn begins her years as the sole provider for the family.
Confessions of a Pastor's Wife is Kathryn's book about the times they went thru while Bruce was in seminary, the struggles they faced and the faith they gained.
A life coach, Kathryn shares her story with us in this short book. She cheerleads her family on through the hardtimes, and us on through her experiences. A faith building book, that is easy to read, and life lessons we can take throughout our lives. 192 pages $13.00 US
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Kathryn Bonner

Confessions of a Pastor's Wife: He Speaks, Can You Hear Him? by Kathryn Bonner (Tate Publishing)

If you could hear God whispering, what would it sound like? Are you able to recognize His voice?

In Confessions of a Pastor’s Wife: He Speaks…Can you hear Him? author Kathryn Bonner shares her true confessions, revealing her teenage pregnancy and the many different ways God has spoken into her life, through subtle and profound ways, and even through humorous means, shedding light on the unique voice of God! Anyone from the outside looking in would think Kathryn’s “charmed life” had always been just that. As you read this page turner of confessions, you will discover that has not always been the case. Discover how to take steps with God, believing Him to guide and direct you, even when you don’t know where He’s taking you! Are you ready to hear Him speak into your life? Kathryn’s prayer for you is to know how God reveals Himself to you. You will learn to hear Him, and recognize His voice after reading Confessions of a Pastor’s Wife: He Speaks…Can You Hear Him?

“Kathryn’s zest for life and love for God jumps off of every page! This intimate personal story is like sharing a conversation with a girlfriend. Curl up in a favorite chair and be ready to laugh, listen and learn from this Sister in Christ.” Mary M. MacGregor; Women’s Ministries Consultant and Director of Leadership Development for the Episcopal Diocese of Texas.

Kathryn Bonner has a God-given passion for you to experience your life from this point forward with new ears to hear!

About the Author

Gifted, Gracious, Genuine, Insightful, Good-humored and Petite. These words make it possible for you to have a bit of insight to Kathryn. Her depth, and her love for life, laughter and the Lord and her size! She has a passion for God's word. Kathryn has a way of finding the humor and the lighter side of things that will cause you to giggle and laugh out loud in one moment and ponder deeply the things of God and the application of the Word to your life in the next moment. Her radiant touch combined with her knowledge of the Word makes Kathryn unique. You will enjoy your time immensely with her and will discover new insights, new truths, and new ways of “doing” life.

Kathryn is married to a pastor, and loves being in ministry with her husband Bruce. They are empty nesters and enjoying life at this stage of the game. Kathryn shares who she is openly, including the fact that she has had teenage pregnancy. She wants everyone to know that though each of us have a past, we can stand free, completely free in the saving grace of Christ. God has been able to take her mess and use it for a message of hope and healing. She has love for God’s healing power and wants each of you to know that as well.

Kathryn is an author, a speaker and a Life Purpose Coach. She knows the power of breaking through the fears and stepping fully into your faith by the gift of coaching.

Kathryn has been married to Bruce, the love of her life since 1989, truly a gift from God. They have two wonderful daughters, Tabitha and Kellie Ann, and two wonderful sons-in-law Gerald and Chase.

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  1. Hi Cindy,
    I wanted to take a breather from all of the busyness of the day, and stop by to visit your blog once again, this time leaving a comment to thank you from the depth of my soul for hosting me and my book “Confessions Of A Pastor’s Wife – He Speaks Can You Hear Him?” on your blog! I feel truly honored by your gift of generosity to host me. I pray that you always hear the voice of our Lord speaking straight into your heart.

    Books, Blogs & Blessings,
    Kathryn Bonner

    Author – Speaker – Life Coach