12 Stones (A Review)

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A Memoir
Twelve Stones
Notes on a Miraculous Journey
Barbara Carole
Non-Fiction/Biography and Autobiography/Personal Memoirs
ISBN 978-0-8307-4606-4
Reviewed by Cindy Loven

Twelve Stones is the memoir of Barbara, a Jewish woman, who came to know Christ. This book will take you through her life, beginning as a young girl, in a family that she didn't often understand, that was split by the divorce of her parents, through adulthood, the raising of her son, and failed and successful relationships. A true story of a woman's life.
Barbara was a very artistic young woman, with a great love of art and literature, a Fulbright scholar who lived in Paris, with her first husband, she explores the artistic side of France and other places in Europe. Always interested in spiritual matters, Barbara was on a quest to find God. Her search took her through many avenues, experimenting in some religions, that are non Christian, studying with friends and her husband trying to find the answers of life.
This book is a true story of a woman on a search for God, and it is also a story of a single mother, raising a son on her own after her divorce. Years of being alone, or being with men who were not right for her, have made her cautious. An artistic young woman, Barbara finds herself in the position of supporting her son and herself, she was a natural in many fields, working for many years with Jacques Cousteau, as a writer and researcher. She taught French at UCLA, she worked in advertising and also in accounting, she had many talents and excelled in several fields, during her search for God.
Your faith will grow as along with Barbara, you find the same answers she found, in the Bible and through Jesus. You will delight in the stories of her adventures in Europe, and her friendships and acquaintances in the many friends she makes in Europe.
Twelve Stones, the book is Barbara's altar to the God who protects His people time and time again, are the words that Barbara ends the book with. I highly recommend this book, it is a wonderful story of a life redeemed by Jesus. 312 Pages

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