White Picket Fences

Susan Meissner
WaterBrook Press

Reviewed by Cindy Loven

Not every family lives in a nice house surrounded by a white picket fence. Tally's family didn't, in fact it is just she and her dad, and they never stay in one place too long. Tally really was liking Texas, but trouble at work, who knew what kind of trouble, only her dad, caused them to hit the road again. This time was different though, her dad took her to stay with her grandmother in AZ, while he took off for Warsaw, in Europe.

Her grandmother dies suddenly, just days after Tally arrived, the state stepped in and contacted her aunt, her dad's sister and Tally had to go stay with them until her dad showed up or called. Tally quickly learns that a nice house and a white picket fence doesn't mean a family with no problems. Her aunt's family is crumbling apart, and no one seems to notice or if they do, they aren't any of them talking about it.

A school project draws Tally close to her cousin Chase, and closer to relatives who died years ago. Plus it opens up issues that should have been dealt with years earlier. Susan Meissner, has written a book that addresses the importance of keeping communication open in your family. A heart touching story, that will tug at your heartstrings, have you wanting to shake some sense into some of them. You will connect with this family. Most definitely a book to share with friends. A four star rating! 350 pages PLUS a interview at the end of the book with the author. $13.99 US

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  1. That sounds like a very interesting book~and more realistic than so many! Thanks for the great review, Cindy!